NASM CPT Review (2019) – NASM Cost vs Cost, is NASM worth it?

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Welcome to my NASM CPT survey, this is coach Tyler at your service.

I will be sharing all the important information as well as the pros and cons of this popular certification.

The overall goal is to help you get the insights to need to decide whether or not this certification lines up with your coaching style and goals.

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NASM Pros and Cons


Possibly the certification with the greatest credibility in the industry

A wide variety of study packages to choose from and great study materials

The OPT model is beneficial for a wide range of customers

Has an emphasis on building your own business around special training to help you grow professionally

Has lots of information on corrective training and practical training


The NASM Exam Cost for their packages (particularly at the highest end) is on the high side

The test is not easy (but overall, this is a good idea).

If you like to digest information in video form, here is the YouTube video I made on the NASM CPT about three years ago.

In general, this article includes more information is more up-to-date.

What is NASM Certification?

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The National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) certification is one of the several well-known certifications in the business today.

Besides their general CPT certification, they also offer an extensive variety of specializations such as their CES and PES and best fitness nutrition certifications (FNS).

Overall, I would place this certification in the “corrective exercise” section. It is an excellent certification for working with inactive individuals and post-rehab clients.

Considering that most customers that personal trainers work with are sedentary and overweight, this is the perfect and complete certification for working with this community.

They also need to improve their eating habit so a practice course on nutrition will be helpful. Check for the top fitness nutrition professional certifications to balance your work and help your clients properly.

Let’s jump right into my NASM review and see what it is all around for.

General Information on NASM

Since its inception, it has evolved to become one of the most prestigious certifications you can take from as far as exercise science is concerned.

The NASM CPT program is designed about its unique OPT (Optimum Performance Training) model.

This model has five stages of progression.

The beginning phase is called the stabilization period.

I feel like this stage is the most important for running with a wide variety of clients. It emphasizes correcting muscular imbalances before going on to strength training.

Since most of the people you will be working with are overweight and sedentary, this stabilization period is critical.

NASM Certified Personal Trainer

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Well, as you now know, the fitness industry has come to visit. it is growing and will continue to grow.

Report from many research activities in the health and fitness industry concludes that the Certified Manager job is result-oriented and so it leaves no room for mediocrity.

Personal Training is needed for individuals that are conscious about their physical well reality.

These folks are in high demand all over the world and go with all sorts of individuals to design exercise that satisfies the client’s needs.

Loaded with the document, they can then work in gyms or external or help other customers in their homes, using unique designs and models connected with NASM CPT.

The Excellent Training Model is a fitness training system produced by NASM.

The OPT Model is an exercise training model based on objective evidence and principles that progresses a person through five training processes.

Taking a customer through the best training production model performs everything very easy, safe and fruitful at the very time so that they can see the results that they earn.

First is stabilization strength. The trainer designs exercise training or activities that are targeted towards improving the client’s breathing and heart rate function properly.

These exercises include walking, jogging, diving, and biking.

Secondly, you have the strength-building activities. This includes weight lifting and several other health works.

The third is hypertrophy. This is an employment training system that helps with muscle building. Many clients hire Personal Managers for this type of exercise only.

Fourthly is a maximal intensity exercise. This exercise is about basically testing how strong the customer is. This type of exercise essentially includes squats.


NASM offers four CPT plans.

The NASM certification cost for the very cheapest unit is $699 and is called the self-study package.

Let me go above this package in a little more detail for you.

From the title, you can tell that this show is about flexibility; you plan your program.

Advantages are;

  • NCCA Accredited Exam
  • Textbook
  • Series of speech Videos
  • Use Library
  • NASM training Exams
  • online practice inquiry/quizzes
  • Comprehensive study design

The second is the NASM CPT Self study incentive program.

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